Ranktracker Review

Does Ranktracker really help to improve your SEO?  And, how does it compare to the more expensive SEO platform tools?  Here, in my Ranktracker Review we’ll take a detailed look at what you get and how well it performs in relation to some of the other SEO software tools.

How Can Ranktracker Help Your SEO?

First off, let’s be clear on what exactly Ranktracker is.  Ranktracker is an SEO software tool that you can use to both analyze your websites and find opportunities to improve your search engine rankings by discovering the best keywords and backlink opportunities.  You can also compare your performance to that of your competition.

Ranktracker is not a magic tool that’s going to automatically generate backlinks for you or push you up the search engine rankings on its own.  What it does do is give you the information you need to take the proper actions to improve your SERP—similar to tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs—but at a lower cost.

Ranktracker Key Features

  • Track SEO Metrics
  • Track Rankings for Individual Website Pages
  • Monitor Keyword Rankings
  • Keyword Research Finder
  • SERP Checker
  • Website Auditor
  • Create Customized Reports

Pricing:  How Much Does Ranktracker Cost?

Ranktracker is available in 4 different plans:

  • Starter: $9.00 mo.
  • Double Data: $29.50 mo.
  • Quad Data: $54.50
  • Hex Data: $104.50 mo.

You can try out the Double Data and Quad Data plans free for 7 days.

Ranktracker SEO Checklist

The Ranktracker SEO Checklist is a great feature for beginners.  It lists all of the basic steps for both on-page and off-page search engine optimization.  You can go through each of the steps and track your progress.  In my case, I had already completed most of these steps.  And, if you have experience creating websites, then you’ve probably done most of these steps already.  However, it’s a good reminder for those who may have overlooked something, and as I mentioned, SEO beginners will definitely benefit from it.

Ranktracker Keyword Finder

The Ranktracker Keyword Finder works great and is one of Ranktracker’s best features.  You can enter a keyword phrase and a location scope.  You’ll quickly get a bunch of keyword suggestions, along with Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, Cost Per Click, and PPC Competition.  

You can also drill down to get historical and SERP data.

I really like the way that Ranktracker presents the information and lets you sort by the different data columns.  Among keyword research tools, Ranktracker is my favorite.  Something about the presentation and layout of the data makes it much easier to work with.

Ranktracker SERP Checker

The Ranktracker SERP Checker is another excellent tool that allows you to get valuable information on the current first page Google results of the keywords you enter.

You can also preview how the exact results appear in Google, which means you don’t have to check Google separately.

All of the relevant SERP data you would expect is presented.  And again, Ranktracker has done an excellent job of presenting the data in an intuitive, user-friendly way.  I especially like the inclusion of visibility percentages and the indication of which entries appear above the fold.

Ranktracker Website Audit

The Ranktracker Website Audit tool gives you a detailed look at the health and efficiency of your website.  Along with information on your domain and backlinks, Ranktracker will alert you to discrepancies (both important and semi-important) such as broken links, HTML errors, missing tags and descriptions, missing alt text, etc.

As with Ranktracker’s other tools, I’m definitely impressed with the Website Audit feature.  And, while it’s probably not realistic to think that you’ll be able to address every single alert, it does give you the information so you can take action and improve your site.

Ranktracker SEO Reports

You can easily generate reports from your Ranktracker dashboard.  Unlike the onscreen data you can view (that I really like) though, I found the report formats to be less impressive.  And, I did sometimes have an issue when I tried to create a report.  For some reason, it wasn’t generated.  However, I was able to create it after trying again.

Reporting is probably the only area of Rantracker where I would like to see some improvement.  However, it’s only an issue if you’re an SEO company trying to present reports to clients.  If you’re using Rantracker for your own websites, it isn’t an issue as you can view your data clearly and easily online.

Ranktracker Customer Support

Ranktracker includes an impressive knowledge base if you want to look up an answer to your question.

There is also a chat box available.  However, it’s really more of a request for email support. You type in your question or issue and receive your response via email–although you can also reply through the chat box in the support area.  I found the response time to be good during the day (business hours).  However, if you send a request at night, you may have to wait until the next day.

Ranktracker Pros and Cons


  • Track Individual Website Pages
  • Lower Cost Compared to Other SEO Tools
  • Nice SEO Checklist for Beginners
  • Excellent Keyword Research Tool
  • Excellent SERP Checker Tool
  • Website Audit Tool Allows You to Fix Your Site


  • Only 7 Day Free Trial Period
  • Reports Generation Could be Improved


Ranktracker is an outstanding SEO software tool that both beginners and experienced site owners will appreciate.  It’s very easy to use and provides all the valuable SEO data that you need to improve your search engine rankings.

I find Ranktracker to be much easier to use than the more expensive SEO tools.  And, it is much more affordable than tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.  

For business owners and other website owners, I highly recommend using Ranktracker.  The only situation where Ranktracker probably isn’t the best tool is for SEO agencies that need to provide in-depth reporting for their clients.  In those cases, a software tool such as SEMrush or Ahrefs would be a better fit.

In my opinion, Ranktracker is a winner.

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