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Is Copymatic good for AI content generation?  Is Copymatic better that using ChatGPT?  Copymatic is another of the new and exciting AI generation tools now on the market.  Here in my Copymatic Review, I’ll go over exactly what you get and how well it performs in generating content.  You should then be able to determine if Copymatic is what you should be using for your AI content.

What Type of Content Can Copymatic Create?

Copymatic has an outstanding array of features included—definitely one of the most impressive that I’ve seen and used.  In addition to long form blog posts, you also get image creation, social media, e-commerce, advertising, plus all kinds of email writing and copywriting tasks (Press Releases, About Us, Call to Action, Reviews, etc.)

Blog Posts


Social Media

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube


  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Keyword Ideas



  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads


  • Product Descriptions
  • Amazon Product Descriptions

Copymatic Dashboard

The Copymatic dashboard is simple and easy to use.  You can access any of their features with a single click, and you can also filter your feature choices by clicking one of the buttons at the top of the screen.

How to Create Your Content with Copymatic

Creating a Blog Post with Copymatic

I found it very easy to create a complete blog article with Copymatic.  You are guided through a four step process where you enter your subject, then choose your keywords, a title, an outline, and then generate your full article.  At each step, you can choose to manually enter your own words if you prefer.

The good news is that Copymatic does a good job in generating quality content.  I also like that there is a one-click export function to copy your content to your blog or other application.  You can also choose to export in HTML format.  And, unlike some of the other AI content generators out there, Copymatic does create full, long-form blog articles without having you create one paragraph or section at a time.

On the other hand, Copymatic isn’t perfect—at least not yet.  There were several instances where I had to click on a button more than once to complete a blog post task.  Although it looked as if it was working on the first click, nothing was generated.  Eventually, I did get things to work out okay.  However, there appears to be some more work needed to smooth the process out.

The other minor gripe I have is that the blog output wasn’t completely formatted when generated (i.e. titles weren’t bold or in a larger font, etc.).  Hopefully, this is another feature that will be refined in the near future.

Overall though, I am impressed with Copymatic’s blog article generation.  The results are among the best output from the current crop of AI content generators.

Creating Images with Copymatic

Generating images is super easy in Copymatic.  You can specify your subject along with some other specs.  I actually like how Copymatic gives you options for specifying artistic themes, etc.

Quality wise, the images are okay.  Again, I would expect a lot of improvements to be made in the future.  For now, the images are usable, but you’re still better off creating your own in my opinion.

Using Copymatic for Social Media

Creating social media content is also very easy with Copymatic.  Whether you need Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook help, you can get nice social media posting help.  Here is an example of a Twitter feed I created with Copymatic:

While I like the social media features in Copymatic, they’re probably only useful for newbies to social media.  For most users, creating your own social media content is still a better way to go.

How is the Quality of Content You Get from Copymatic?

As I mentioned above, I am very impressed with the quality of the content generated by Copymatic when it comes to blog articles.  Unlike other AI tools, I found the content on point to what I wanted.  Although it’s always a good idea to thoroughly check your content, I didn’t find any glaring errors.  And, while I would like to see a bit more in the formatting area, the export functionality in Copymatic works great.

I found the quality of social media and other copywriting functions fine, although they may not be as valuable to most users as the blog content features are at this point.  And, while I would like to see some refinements in the future, the image generation feature in Copymatic provides some nice options for you to choose from.

Pricing:  How Much Does Copymatic Cost?

Unlike other AI content generation tools that have set plans, Copymatic’s pricing is based on the number of words you need to generate per month.  For example, currently their Pro Plan costs $6 mo. for 15,000 words, $19 mo. for 50,000 words, $32 mo. for 200,000 words, and up.  

Copymatic Customer Support

Copymatic provides easy access to chat/email support along with knowledge base answers.  While they don’t currently feature live chat support, you can enter your question or issue in the chat box and the stated response time by email is within a few hours.

Unfortunately, when I submitted a support request, it took a couple of days before I received a resolution response.  It appears Copymatic needs to work a bit more on their support response times.

Copymatic Pros and Cons


  • Free Trial
  • Great Selection of Features
  • WordPress Plugin Available
  • Good Quality Blog Content
  • Easy Export of Content
  • Multiple Image Generation Options


  • Need to Format Blog Output
  • Button Clicks Sometimes Don’t Work
  • Support Response Time May Be Slow


Like many of the other AI content generators now on the market, Copymatic has some great potential.  Unlike some of those other tools, Copymatic does currently provide value with blog article generation as well as the ability to create images, social media posts, and other copywriting content.

Copymatic is very easy to use and I was impressed with the long-from blog article content that Copymatic generated.  There were a couple of instances where I clicked a button, it looked like the process was running, but then I didn’t get anything.  It did eventually work, but sometimes I had to click a button multiple times.  I’m not sure if it was a glitch or something else, but that brings me to one of the downsides to Copymatic—customer support.

The biggest negative currently with Copymatic is their customer support response time.  While email support is usually sufficient for this kind of software tool, I would hope the response time was somewhere close to their stated time of a few hours.  However, as I mentioned above, it took a couple of days for one of my support questions to be answered.

Copymatic is certainly usable now, and I would encourage you to at least get the free trial and have a look for yourself.  If they address the concerns I’ve mentioned in this review, I would consider Copymatic one of the better choices for AI content generation.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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